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Sir William Russell Flint R.A.

1880 - 1969

William Russell Flint was born on 4th April 1880 in Edinburgh. His father, Francis Wighton Flint was himself a watercolour artist. Russell Flint attended the Royal Institution School of Art in Edinburgh where he began to develop his own skills and style.

In 1903 Russell Flint was joined the Illustrated London News as an artist illustrator. With the broad distribution of the ILS, the name of William Russell Flint was became well known. Russell Flint also provided the illustrations for many books.

After the war Russell Flint travelled in France and Spain where he would draw and paint the landscapes and small towns he visited. By 1924 Russell Flint had been elected Associate of the Royal Academy. Nine years later he became a full member. In 1936 he became President of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour.

William Russell Flint was knighted in 1947 and continued painting until his death at the age of 89. Russell Flint developed a distinctive style - his watercolours wonderfully representing the soft textures of figures or the stonework of a town building. His paintings give immense pleasure to many people across the globe and through his limited edition prints his work enjoys a strong following from a wide public.